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This website offers access to a variety of scores composed for an eclectic range of acoustic instruments and ensembles, spanning from solos and duets through to chamber orchestra with percussion. This site also includes a collection of electroacoustic and acousmatic compositions with accompanying scores, audio and selections of sound samples for public access and potential use for student composers and researchers, along with sound samples from a small selection of recording projects that the composer has been involved with recently in his alter ego as a studio producer.

This research is made available for public access and peer review, but Dr. Ian Percy retains full ownership and copyright for all intellectual property, media resources and text, and should be formally accredited for any and all references to, or use of, these materials. ©2019

Composition Documentation |

Composition Documentation

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Acoustic Composition Audio |

Acoustic Composition Audio

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Electroacoustic Composition Audio |

Electroacoustic Composition Audio

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Sound Pool Audio |

Sound Pool Audio

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Pedagogical Resources |

Pedagogical Resources

Pedagogy & Reference Materials
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Friends & Associates

Links to Friends & Associates
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