Ian Percy: Acoustic and Electroacoustic Composition in Practice, Context and Analysis

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Grime, Slime, Aethers & Oozes | ianpercy.me.uk

Grime, Slime, Aethers & Oozes

Eight movements for flute, bass clarinet, contrabass and piano
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Dreams of Love and Hate | ianpercy.me.uk

Dreams of Love and Hate

This version of Dreams of Love and Hate is a multiple movement work for solo piano. It takes its name in part from Liebesträume (Dreams of Love), a work composed by Franz Liszt (1811-1886) in 1850 tha...
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Equidistance | ianpercy.me.uk


Equidistance is a single movement, single source, electroacoustic composition realised specifically for the opening of The Capstone Theatre at Liverpool Hope University in 2010.
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