Ian Percy: Acoustic and Electroacoustic Composition in Practice, Context and Analysis

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Acoustic, Electroacoustic & Acousmatic Compositions | Transcriptions & Arrangements
Turning Water into Wine | ianpercy.me.uk

Turning Water into Wine

Three movements for tubular bells, marimba, harp and piano
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Tibetan Songs | ianpercy.me.uk

Tibetan Songs

Tibetan Buddhist teachings, prayers and daily offerings inspired this collection of four short movements (songs without words) for solo piano.
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When a Snake Eats its Own Tail | ianpercy.me.uk

When a Snake Eats its Own Tail

When a Snake Eats its Own Tail is a single source, single movement, electroacoustic composition realised from (and composed for) the sounds of the clarinet (including key-clicks, vocalisations and bre...
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